Platis Gialos
P.C.. 84003
Sifnos - Cyclades

tel.:   +30 22840 71345
mob.:+30 6979 778283
fax:   +30 22840 71350

Restaurant of traditional cuisine "Water & Salt"

An idea of granny Flora.

"Son, you can always prepare the best dishes using the products that we grow in our garden. Vegetables, aromatic plants, greens, oil, all of our own cultivation. Put the ingredients that you like in a roasting tray and put it in the wood burning oven or in the fireplace. You will know the food is ready when its sweet smell spreads throughout the whole neighborhood! What is the secret? A long cooking time over a low temperature and the right amount of ...WATER & SALT"!

The traditional pure products that grow in granny Flora Narli's garden in Kato Petali have been brought to Platys Gialos, by the sea!

Cooked in the old traditional way.

We couldn't turn the time back! However we brought back the old tastes. Roast meat in the wood burning oven, vegetables and legumes cooked with olive oil in the fire, fried food in olive oil, barbecue.

We are not seeking customers! We are seeking fans of the authentic tastes of Sifnos!

Nero & Alati (Water & Salt)
Restaurant of traditional cuisine
Platis Gialos - Sifnos PC. 84003
Post Office Box 304

Tel. +30 2284071208
For reservations: +30 6979778283

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